The information in this topic provides an overview of the Medical Electronic Data for Care History and Reporting Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) system and the eMMPS module.

ClosedWhat is MEDCHART?

The Medical Electronic Data Care History And Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) system is a customizable, centralized approach to managing all aspects of a Soldier’s medical readiness and care history. From routine services, dental treatments, and medical record imaging, to full case management capabilities, MEDCHART provides multiple modules that deliver specific functions to its user population.

The modules available in MEDCHART include the following:

  • Automated Voucher System (AVS)—facilitates the medical readiness of the Army National Guard (ARNG) and the U.S Army Reserve (USAR) by providing a web-based means of creating and tracking requests for medical services through the RHRP program. Additionally, AVS supports the PDHRA/DHAP program for mass event creation.
  • Dental Classification (DenClass)—is used to electronically document the dental readiness requirements of all ARNG and USAR Soldiers. The DenClass module integrates Reserve Component Dental Readiness with the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) architecture. Users can create and track all elements of a dental examination including: the Soldier’s health history, SF 603A, the dental treatment plan, and a digital repository for dental radiographs.
  • Electronic Case Management (eCase)—is used to open, track, and determine the disposition of medical cases for ARNG and USAR Soldiers. The eCase module provides an automated case-management workflow and task-management system that provides an integrated view of all related data that is obtained from other medical management systems.
  • Electronic Medical Management Processing System (eMMPS)—is used by ARNG and USAR personnel to electronically create, review, process, and approve the following medical case types in real -time:
    • Line of Duty (LOD)
    • Incapacitation Pay Claim (INCAP)
    • Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) referrals
    • Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) now known as the Defense Health Agency (DHA-GL) Medical Eligibility, Pre-Authorization and Surgical Pre-Authorizations
    • Active Duty Orders Process (ADOP)
  • Health Readiness Records (HRR)—provides the ARNG and USAR with a web-based repository for Soldier medical, dental, and medical personnel action documentation. Soldier records include non-sensitive, sensitive, and Behavioral Health documents.
  • Medical Action Tracking System (MATS)—is a web-based, workflow application for authorized users which manages medical waiver requests, General Officer Physicals, and Convalescent Leave requests. The module is an electronic means of submission, receipt, storage, processing, and tracking of the medical actions and waivers from Soldiers, Recruiting and Retention Managers (RRMs) and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) to the Clinical Section of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Surgeon’s Office.
  • Medical Readiness Reporting (MRR)—serves as an executive information management system for MEDCHART. It uses near real-time data to produce customizable reports, dashboards, and maps that measure key performance metrics related to medical and dental readiness, state budgeting, medical MOS/AOC re-certification, and Provider C2P2 tracking.
  • Occupational Health (OccHealth)—allows users to request, process and track Occupational Health examinations for Dual-Status Federal Technicians at the ARNG state level in concert with national healthcare providers such as the US Public Health Service - Federal Occupational Health Program Office (FOH-NET).
  • Occupational Health Record (OHR)—provides the ARNG with a web-based repository for the management of civilian employee records that are the responsibility of the ARNG Occupational Health program.

Note: -_To obtain access to a MEDCHART module, you must request access to the module and be granted permission by your Approval Authority. See "Manage My Account" for more information.

ClosedWhat is eMMPS?

The Electronic Medical Management Processing System (eMMPS) module is used by Army National Guard (ARNG) and United States Army Reserve personnel to electronically create, review, process, and approve Line of Duty (LOD) cases , Incapacitation Pay Claim (INCAP) cases, Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) referrals, Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) now known as the Defense Health Agency, Great Lakes (DHA-GL) Pre-Authorization cases, and Active Duty Orders Process (ADOP) cases in real-time. The following features are available in eMMPS module:

  • Review historic and current Service Member’s LOD, INCAP, PDHRA, MMSO Pre-Auth and ADOP case information
  • Upload approved hard-copy LOD cases
  • Build and access sub-module cases such as INCAP Pay, MMSO Pre-Authorizations and ADOPs from associated LODs in the system
  • Complete and upload forms such as the DA Form 2173 and DD Form 261
  • Upload, store, and manage supporting medical documents
  • Automatically transmit case data to the Health Readiness Records (HRR) document repository for use by other MEDCHART applications such as Medical Evaluation Board Preparation (MEB Prep)
  • Complete and sign approval memorandums with system-provided templates
  • Appeal disapproved cases
  • Notify users of cases that require action via system e-mail
  • Generate and export ad-hoc reports and save report queries for case management activities
  • Track, log, and run reports of user activities